Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day one NYC Thursday

We flew into La Guardia w/ only a slight delay (a little skywathing)

Took a relatively mild NY cab ride over the bridges to the upper west side

To my wonderful brother's

Beautiful place

w/ a cool view

We rushed to Dinner at one of my Fave restaurants in the world:)

The French Culinary Institute

Where we had this view out side our restaurant window the whole meal :) We sooo got the better deal !!!!

Two of my sweet sisters

Unbelievably yummy snails

This bread and cheese Tasted just like France to me :)

. Foie gras and more

French Suishi?


skatewing--Cathy right?

Duck -- Jodi

Scallops -- Mine:)

Cassolet (Sp?) Tammy

Ravioli John

light tasty Sorbet to cleanse the pallet (apricot,Coconut and apple (I forget)

Interesting Dessert Combos Avocados w/ choco and fruit

Yummy Rhubarb Crumble

Creme Brulee (MY classic favorite)

Chocolate mushroom Surprise flavors : Heavenly

Good to the last flicker

Saying Good bye on the Street

heading back Subway tunnel Performers

I have to say the Streets of New York are such a Disparity this Beautiful magnolia Tree )Like we used to have in our backyard)

Next to Huge piles of Trash awaiting pick up (I know w/ so many people in such a small area it has to go somewhere)

First day fun is over home to rest


Robert V. Sobczak said...

That was quite some day. Travel is fun, but even funner in retrospect.

James said...

Wow looks like great time. Thanks for sharing your fantastic photos.
I can't wit to get back to New York.

Natalie said...

The food look yuuummmmmmy!
What a fun trip.
How about some pictures of you?

txmommy said...

oh good, I was hoping to see trip pics.

The food really is in small portions!!

Catherine said...

Good job, Marcia ! It's 18h19 pm and I'm already hungry ! And I'll have to wait 1h30 still.
Yes, you're right, Marcia, saumon (salmon). Looks tasty with the sauce.
Has Tammy had appreciated the Cassoulet ? That's a particular recipe from the South-West (Toulouse area). I love it, A little bit heavy for the dinner, but it's delicious, usually.
La crème brulée is my favotite too, when I go at the restaurant.
Snails are sometimes presented in their shell, with a butter with parsley and garlic. I loved them when I was a little girl, when I realized what it was, I couldn't eat them no more.
A so tasty menu. I suppose "chefs" are french ?
I wish you a nice week-end Marcia.

cat said...

NOT SALMON!!! skatewing.

I have a good life said...

How fun! Glad you had a great time. Sorry I missed your party!

laughing all the way said...

Thanks sis for the NYNY trip--vicariously. I am soooo glad you had a great mini vacation birthday.

Sue said...

What great pictures!

the food shots were spectacular.

Was that a candle standing on its own? I loved the way "happy birthday" was in chocolate.