Monday, April 06, 2009

Helping Hands WS

On Friday night we went to a Relay for life event to raise money for Cancer.
There are teams that get pledges from friends and family to support them and then that night they walk to show their dedication to the cause.
my son was part of a team and thank you so much to all who donated to help support his efforts.
There were 13 on his team and they dressed in an 1980's themed clothes they lent their hands as seen above

and worked their legs by walking all night to rise money for this cause

they also sold breakfast food (my daughter made 11 dozen breads and scones for them to sell

Most of them like my son

had a specific person they were honoring who went through the battle of Cancer My wonderful Mother In law and his grandma died after her second battle in 1998this was a slide show they had there - we still miss her so much

and these were lumiaries w/ the names on them they lit and turned the lights down and just had the bags glowing for a few minutes to honor the those who had passed. It was a lovely night and I was glad I got to see a little of it


Catherine said...

A very touching tribute to confirm their love always living, and help others.

Carver said...

That's a wonderful way to honor your mother in law. Great shots.

stan said...

kudos to the volunteers!

Sue said...

Tributes can be very colorful!

Playful Professional said...

So sorry. I completely forgot about this...glad it went well.

Marites said...

A fun-filled way of raising money for a very good cause. It's really so touching to see that a lot of people could do so much if we only work together.