Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Relocated Ohioan

Ruby Tuesday My World
It is always a delight when I see a Cardinal in my yard I often see them back by the fence

The other day I say one on my table and my camera was handy but these ALL are taken through the window pane

and I think"I wonder if he is a Relocated Ohioan like I am ?".......but can I still say that after living here in TX for 26 years and 22 years of it in this very house!?.... that is so much longer than the 18 short years that I lived in Ohio! But how come I can remember more individual memories from those 18 years than the past 30? I often wonder why that is and is that way for most people?

Anyway-- when I showed my husband this shot he said " oh, I don't like that picture" and I said 'humph why not ' and he replied because he is on the tomatoe cage eyeing our tomatoes ..... :) Is that how they stay so red?


Melli said...

All my bird pictures are taken through the windowpane too -- it's much easier to catch them from behind glass! They POSE when they don't know we're lookin'! :) Great shots! Lovely rubies!

Annie said...

One of my favorite birds and alas, none in my area.

chrome3d said...

They must have eaten all your tomatoes if they change their colour according to their food.

Marie Reed said...

Seeing Cardinals make me a little homesick.... but happy too!

Sue said...

Great pictures.