Thursday, May 21, 2009

Update new random shots

I had some random shots to post

Empty nest again! I think both babies made it to be bigger than their Mom and they all flew away!

This lizard Just appeared right after the birds flew the nest

I just like the reflection

I miss this boy/man A lady from his area sent me some Pics!!

and this is close to where he is - he said he passes them all day long WOW

This is about how fast I am crawling around

Ialmost accidentally crunched him w/ my boot

I went to my friends daughters show it was so good they did a variety of numbers this one was from "Joesph"

this was her number

trying to be creative

This is what I get to see every time I leave my house lately I wonder how long it will take to widen the road? Will stop soon? or

be so slow?

more apples

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