Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Before I went into Surgery we went to Taylor's College Choir concert
for her solo she sang "Tenderly" she was AWESOME and is definitely in good company w/ the great Nat King Cole and Rosemary Clooney who have recorded it

and her shoes were too cute too

Early last week when I was just starting my recovery My former neighbor came over --she had bought a camera like mine and I tried to give her a crash course since she left for Europe today-- i wish I was there instead of on my couch:)

I thought the yard looked nice When I sneaked outside the other day so I snapped a shot and I will post more on thurs 13

My mothers Day was quiet Zach called he is doing so well --so happy!! our meal was SO Yummy!! A Rib eye, baked Sweet potato and Salad --3 of my favorites and a special treat since I rarely eat red meat anymore.

I helped make this Martha Stewart Angel Food Cake w/ lemon Cream (she said it did not have to be totally covering the cake since it was a fluffy light topping

It was SOOOO good

Becca got me so many little gifts and presented them in her pretty bags

If we sold these on Etsy would you buy them? and for how much?

And Spencer and hubby and I played Scrabble and I think they let me win

Yesterday Ruth and her son came over w/ chicken Artichoke lite pizza and salad for lunch very fun and Yummy
and Becca made cupcakes for dinner

Where my Wonderful friend came over while her house had 3 showings and cooked dinner for me and her family It was wonderful Chicken Parmesan and she left me enough for 3 meals :)thank U's--- and they left my house much cleaner than before they came-- the only thing was I forgot to put out the jello so I have a HUGE amount of red jello w/ pineapple to eat Do you want some?


nikko said...

What wonderful, pretty things are going on in your life... despite you being laid up.

That lemon cake looks so yummy and I'm so happy to hear that Z is doing well.

Lana said...

oh, I didn't come get it :( I was going to and then forgot on the way home from the zoo.

Catherine said...

A so yummy Mother's Day.
Your food pictures are always a temptation. Would like to be there to participate, learn your way of cooking, ...... and share, of course.
Our Mother's Day is later, let's see what will be on the table ?

The Tall and Short of it said...

I am so thankful for this wonderful ward we live in! I am sorry I have not been by to help or atleast to say HI!!! I hope you are doing better! You have been on my mind! : )

Britni said...

Trying to figure out if I know this song...and yes her shoes are darling. I really wish I could buy some cute heels again but they kill my feet. Details on our trip to come soon.