Monday, June 29, 2009

Dinner at Saint Emillion and a Play in Ft WOrth

As a joint Mother's day/lateBirthday gift my son took me out to dinner and a play.
We had heard of this little known, small, French Restaurant in the Cultural District
of Ft Worth
Saint Emillion --- it far surpassed my expectations. We could choose a 4 course or one course
I got the one and he got the 4 and we shared It was just the right amount w/ some duck for the next day as well.

First an amazing Quail Salad that was my absolute favorite of the night. The Quail was just so succulent and the red sun dried tomatoes were a little celebration for the palette

there was a fish appertiffe and tomato basil mozzarella appetizer I forgot to photograph
this was Spencer's Pork Ribeye divine

My Duck ala orange over Spinach Did not disappoint me-- it was just wonderful and the Roquefort potatoes Yumm

and my fav dessert Creme Brulee w/ my favorite fruit a red raspberry

we then went to the Arts Center

to see this play by Kids WHo Care it was so good

a very fun night

thank you son.
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SandyCarlson said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like a wonderful feast.

Jim said...

Hey JIM G, if it says "Saint Emillion" is has to be good now matter what it is.
Looks like you ate well and had a nice time. Aren't kids nice when they are grown!
Happy RT!

Sylvia K said...

What a fabulous Birthday/Mother's Day gift! And what a delightful evening, looks marvelous to me. I know you had a great time and the food looks heavenly -- my stomach is protesting tonight's sandwich even as I look at your terrific photos!

Happy Birthday and Mother's Day!

srp said...

OK, sign me up for some of that creme brulee. And hurry!!!!!!

Island Rambles Blog said...

Makes me hungry just to see all your photos!!! all the photos in my world make the world smaller and more beautiful

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday a little late.
The food looks yummy and what a fun date.

alessandra said...

Makes me hungry too, and it is 9,17 am....wonderful architecture, wonderful food, wonderful birthday present....:-)

Wolynski said...

Stop, you're making me hungry - that food looks divine. Happy birthday!

Hootin' Anni said...

What a great way to celebrate!!!

My Ruby Tuesday is posted. I'd love to have your company. Come visit won't you? Happy day to you greetings.

nadia said...

What a special way to celebrate the occasion! Happy birthday!!!

Your duck ala orange over Spinach is mouth watering.

Martha in PA said...

What a wonderful gift, looks like an amazing time! I LOVED Godspell, saw it way back in the 70s...
My Ruby Tuesday

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Don't you just love it when the food is THAT GOOD!!!

Great progression of events, showcasing your world!

Arija said...

How wonderful to go for a real date with your sun, a present indeed.

Mary said...

I hope you had a wonderful celebration. Your meal looks wonderful and I loved your touches of red.

SouthLakesMom said...

Ooohhhhh....the creme brulee....why oh why do I always view these yummy looking things for RT early in the morning? Thanks for sharing, and good job, SON!

Sue said...

What a great gift..My most favorite thing of all time is going to dinner with one of my sons.

The french restaurant looked so quaint and charming..Those pictures of the food are sooo making me hungry.

Happy Birthday (belated)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Red delectables,
succulent and tender—ah
most appetizing!

My Ruby Tuesday

nikko said...

I have heard of it, but haven't eaten there yet. I am drooling (seriously!) over the creme brulee.

Snap said...

How delightful. What a wonderful way to celebrate. The food photos made my mouth water!