Thursday, June 18, 2009


I love this store it is pricey so mostly just to browse, it also frames the sky so nicely.
maybe the gold letters are why a set of bowls is $100.00


J Bar said...

Interesting view.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Louise said...

Nice photo, and yes, a fun store... to dream!

Sue said...

A great store huh?

I always love the varied shots you take. They are always unusual and very interesting..

I did a fun thing for my hub for Fathers day this yr... I took the pictures of places we have been (with no people in them) and attached them to beautiful cards with envelopes. This is a such a personal and fun gift to get and then use. you should to this with all your great pictures.

SandyCarlson said...

That's a very interesting building. Beautiful sky!

Guy D said...

Very unique shot, I love it.

Have a great weekend
Regina In Pictures

Sarah said...

Very interesting idea framing the sky like that. Cool! S

Darcel said...

It does look like a frame for the sky. Great sky.

Karen said...

Yes, I love browsing through our local one as well. :-)

It does frame the sky well .. nice shot !!