Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tree down in the Storms Skywatch

more Sky watch
We had tornado warnings, hail,and LOUD thunder storms last night. Since we are still w/o AC we had some windows open and heard it all I have my nieces for a few days and driving home in the storm they were frightened

so I knew I had to remain calm -- the youngest said a prayer that we would be safe-- So I was able to enjoy the beauty of the stormy skies.( My daughter took these shots as we drove home) we got home safe and it was a long evening and had to move the car back into the garage in the middle of the night for round two

If you click on this one you can almost see a flock of gulls trying to get away from the storms

and then woke up to this this morning our next door neighbors tree blew down

We were sad because our former neighbor planted some beautiful trees over the years

but i seem to remember this one might have been a volunteer but it was still a big beautiful useful tree and that is sad -- our poor young neighbor is due w/ twins this month and has family w/ her but even w/ all the extra cars and our truck nothing was damaged-- I am so thankful.

I think because it was covering the road the city came out to access the damage

maybe they will move it w/ their truck

But no they sent two other guys over and by 10:30 it was all out of street

and this is what it looked like today so puffy fluffy


Catherine said...

Sometimes Nature has to confront elements, that's the rule.
I imagine the fear of the gulls braving the storm, so close to it.

Linda Jacobs said...

Those are some scary skies!

Squeaksdaddy said...

I love bad storms...Great photos! I'm glad you and your family are safe :) Have a good weekend...

clairz said...

Nice photo documentary. We're having scary skies in New Mexico, too. No tornadoes so far. Love the photo of your nieces.

James said...

Storms like this were one of my favorite things about living in Texas, but I always felt bad for those affected by the damage.
Thanks for sharing your pictures.

maryt/theteach said...

We had terrible thunder and lightning at night at the beginning of the week, marcia! It IS scary! Sorry your kids were frightened! Those skies are ominous! :)

Mar-Bear said...

scary is right, nice shots!

Arija said...

What lovely colours in your stormy sky, a shade I've not seen in any other sky before.

AngeeBee said...

We are glad you are all OK. It was quite the storm... I have to admit that I loved it - I have missed the Texas rain!