Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursdy Thirteen things I look forward to and not


1. Each new day to start Fresh
except when I don't sleep well
2. Walking again brings me joy each day
except for the new shoe blisters
3. Vacation next month
not sure about the 3200 mile drive :0
4.Church each Sunday
I am sure I will miss so many people in our boundary changes
5.Hearing from my son on a mission each week
sad I didn't get to write this past week
6. Helping others
not so much when they get mad at you for helping
(mostly because they want to be able to do it themselves)
7.Seeing Richie and Britni next month
see #3
8. Visiting old friends on our trip:)
missing them more after visiting :(
9. maybe seeing my Dad
sad for his declining health
10.Seeing Spencer after his classes this past year
will miss that when he moves to Denton
11.Shopping w/ Becca
that little piece of paper they hand you at check out :0
12. Recovering fully from Surgery
the long road ahead
13. Blogging w/ my online friends
not enough time to visit everyone all the time

You take the good with the bad because that is what life is-- Does that sound like an old sitcom jingle?


Brenda ND said...

Good list. You're right many of these experiences are bittersweet. Now you have me pondering my own life. Hmm.

jillconyers said...

Great idea for a T13. I would add houseguests leaving after a great visit. I will miss them and yet I want my house back to normal.

Sue said...

sounds like a fulfilled life.

a little of the bad and a little of the good makes for a well rounded soul.

AD said...

great TT :)

cat said...

and maybe seeing your brother and sister too???

storyteller said...

Lovely list ;--)
Hugs and blessings,