Monday, August 03, 2009

My World

There are some forms of entertainment that come and go so quickly like .... Pogs - I think this picture proves that the theater is a form of entertainment that has endured A very long time

The Isis Theater was originally built in 1913 but was damaged by fire in 1935. When it was rebuilt in 1936; the theater was renamed; "The New Isis Theater".

Though it is no longer a working theater but we have many others that are and new movies make millions each week. I guess we have and maybe always will want to escape into a dark room (w/AC) and enjoy either live or film that has the magical ability to make us forget our everyday lives and take us to the unknown like the Sahara - the Amazon -or New York City.


James said...

That's the theater that I used to see in Fort Worth on N.Main st and 24th. Near the Stockyards.
Very nice picture!

The Good Life in Virginia said...

nice capture.
and yes, the escape to places other than our own is the appeal of the movies.
have a wonderful evening.

Swarna said...

Nice that you spared a thought for the times gone by. Me, I'd like that too - minus the extra loud sound effects that we have in most theatres (my impression). :)

Photo Cache said...

I wonder what it's used for nowadays?

Nice capture.

My post is here:

Dorothy said...

I found your blog via My world Tuesday, and it is great! I love the title of your blog and your attitude. Blessings to you and yours from Dorothy in Mississippi.

Arija said...

All of us need some safe escapism now and again where the phone does not ring, if you remember to switch if off.