Monday, January 25, 2010

Come see The new trails at Eagle Mountain State park

I could see we were going to have a beautiful day

I was excited to remember to wear my cute red and green hiking shoes

At the park entrance are some interesting photo spots( see previous posts)
have you ever had red lights on front like that? (must be turn signals)

I like the other shot of this horseshoe better in my previous post

can't miss the windmill and red water tower

We went to the left always in the past but there
were new trails to the right and so off we went

I do like my shoes:)

As we turned the first bend we saw this --on the other trail it was miles before a glimpse of the lake

and lovely barks

they have this old windmill mounted for veiwing

he lake is a sight to behold

these red berries by the lake are so fresh

the lichen shows us life

the hawks were making lazy circles in the sky

and you know you belong to the land

when the land you belong to is grand

oops sounds like I am singing about the wrong state but y'all know I



Sylvia K said...

Fun, colorful post for the day and it does look as though you had a great time, Marcia! Hey, and I like your hiking shoes, too! Lovely lake!! Hope you have a great week!


Patti said...

Ooooooo-klahioma! ;-)

Neat angle on that horseshoe photo. Looks like you got a lot of fresh air and exercise.

I like your hiking shoes too.

Yogi♪♪♪ said...

Hey, thanks for taking us along. You were singing about the right state, but in the wrong place;)

Jay said...

What beautiful pictures. I love that park!

Carolyn Ford said...

Those shoes are so cool! What a nice day your must have had! I hope another just like it comes along again...very soon!

laura said...

Fun RT post!

txmommy said...

oh how I miss it there!! and you!!!

Manang Kim said...

I also do like your shoes looks like very comfy for me. And I see heart form on wood and stones?

Fish minus chips

Marice said...

what fun day that was :) great rubies!

u may view mine here

SandyCarlson said...

What a neat place. Love the horseshoe!

Sue said...

what a great post. love the pictures.
like your shoes, the red berries and just the feeling of being outdoors. We have too much inversion right now. I'm jealous.