Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cute baby and bad bumper baby

I had so much fun watching this little guy yesterday he is so sweet and cute!!!!

My poor car got hit in the parking lot a few months ago

and got hit by a baby deer in August

but the worst was today---- After a wonderful morning in the temple. I crashed my Honda in Dallas ---A truck stopped quicker than I did in a construction zone and I bumped its trailer hitch through my bumper(I am not hurt at all)But the bumper was dragging --so I went to the nearest dealership which was a Toyota and they took it off for free so I could drive home. The Service guy let me use his cell phone to call my hubby since mine had died (because of the no power yesterday

So this Honda gal is Saying Yay Toyota !!! and yay for power being back on at our house:)

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oh no!