Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sweet funny bunny

my daughter and I made these when given the challenge of using up several dozens of these little doughnuts for refreshments for a meeting w/ the Youth Camp Leaders at church last week

Here is what you will need to create these Donut Bunnies:

  • Powdered White Donuts (Small ones

  • Marshmallows (Large) for Ears
  • Mini Chocolate Chips for Eyes
  • Pink Jelly Bean Nose
  • Edible Pink Easter Grass for Whiskers
  • Pink Sugar Sprinkles for the Ear Coloring

  • Toothpicks
  • Very Small amount of White Frosting for Glue

You can uses Mini M&M’s for eyes, Mini Marshmallow Tail, Different Colored Sugar Sprinkles for Ears, Licorice Whiskers etc… It is up to you, but I wanted to give you the basic idea and you can decorate your Donut Bunny anyway you like. You can even add a Bow, a Carrot and so on. The limit is your Imagination and I just want to inspire that. Now let me show you how to put it all together….

I got the Edible Easter Grass in my local Candy store and it is usually available around Easter time – I just like that it is thinner to use for the Whiskers, String Licorice would work as well.

to make the Bunny Ears. First let me say to have a wet towel handy because this can get sticky. Ok now take your Large Marshmallow and a pair of Scissors and cut one end off. Then Cut the other end off. Toss the middle piece or eat it if you like – that is what I do – shhh. Then take the cut Marshmallow and dip it into your Pink Sugar Sprinkles sticky side down. Do both ears. Then stick the Ears onto a Toothpick.

to build our Donut Bunny. Take your Ears and Carefully stick then into the top Donut Hole. For the Eyes – I made tiny holes (not too big) with a toothpick and added a tiny dot into each with the White Frosting for glue. Then I stuck in the Mini Chocolate Chips. Then I cut my Pink Edible Easter Grass into 6 small pieces and carefully stuck them in. Next I made another small hole where the nose would be going and added some more White Frosting Glue and stuck on my Pink Jelly Bean Nose

I got the idea here


Sandy said...

Sweet idea...
mine's up, too

txmommy said...

so cute!

noel said...


what a sweet interpretation of our photohunt challenge today for sweet. i really enjoyed seeing your bunny..can i taste one please???

have a nice easter!

Natalie said...

Soo cute and creative.

The Party Animal said...

OMG - I was so excited to see you made Donut Bunnies using the idea from my blog. They came out great. That made me have a big smile to see that.

Sue said...

great idea.