Friday, May 07, 2010

I need your help

I started this blog in August of 06 and have unbelievably posted
over 900 posts- It began as a journal w some pictures s and has
become a picture focus w/ a little journaling apparently there have
been 73,000 page views I know at least half are probably me but
if any one does look at this blog in the next few days I need a favor
please delurk and help me decide on a photo to enlarge/ print....My cute
niece is heading to Africa to do Missionary work in Ghana for a month

(my niece and her dad)
and is trying to raise the money. she has asked for art work to be
donated for a show she is having this month and wants a
photo from me!!?
I am tickled: surprised and a little excited---
but I do not know what to send her so could you help me decide?
tell me which of the following or some other from my blog
would be best? ....have the widest appeal?






Thank you for your help:)


Tammy said...

I like 3 and 4

bedelia said...

2 is my favorite.

Jay said...

I like 1, 2, and 7.

Kristin said...

My favourite photos. Ranking from the most favourite to the least.

Picture 1:

I like the first picture of yours the most. The colour combination and aspect is great. Love the blue tones and dark effects it brings. Artistic and dramatic at the same time. A very beautiful piece of art.

Picture 7:

Love the vibrant colour of the flower. It's so beautiful. Very red. The flower are blooming beautifully. A symbol of hope and love. In the Chinese culture, red is the colour of celebration and good luck. A colour to drive away evil spirits. However, red may mean blood shed and war in certain cultures or countries. Nevertheless in this case, I dont think it brings any violence, just softness.

Picture 4:

I think the fourth would represent the city you or your niece and her dad is from? Would like to apologize, don't really know where you are from or which city the photo was taken at. Was not mentioned or any caption to describe the picture. But I still think it look great.

fredamans said...

My fave of the set is the sun setting.

Best wishes to your niece in her travels.

Love My Cottage Garden said...

1 and 3....all are great shots!

Merf said...

if i were bidding or buying---it would be #1 for the artsy/fartsy color and content....or #3 for the technology (telephone/electricity poles) leading to the setting sun.

SomeGirl said...

I like #2 and #7 the best, but all are great! ♥ Michelle

Susan L (lily40au) said...

It may be too late but I like 3. I like photos that frame things.

Gale said...

I think the Woo or the rose would have the widest appeal (I like the "woo" as it's something people could hang on the back of their college dorm rooms and has a bit of humor with it!)

Just a might also consider selling posters or cards and mousepads and such though a print on demand shop (where they print the item once someone orders it, take care of all the order processing, shipping, taxes etc, and take a part of the profits). I have reviews of pods I've worked through here:

I would suggest Zazzle thought because they have more flexibility in poster sizes than the others I've tried (you could make the poster exactly fit the for your Woo poster it could be a long back of the door poster, in stead of having to crop it to a pre-set size). probably does that too. And they offer various papers or you can even do canvas prints.