Thursday, February 17, 2011

Redecorate me or tell what to declutter (I am so aware it needs it)

Someone told me they would advise me on my decor I would love input from any of you too(Inside front door)
I pretend I have an entryway in my small home so this is the entryway table decorated for Valentines

Next to couch w/rug and Lg mirror
next to dear daughters fish tank /then turn towards kitchen under the bar

then the first of the two barrister book cases that flank the fireplace
server table behind love seat
from front of love seat looking into dining room I needed to get this done so I tried to use good camera angles instead of moving paper :o
missed it in this one
second bookshelf
chair and front windows
media table

dining room table

across from dining room table
Plant shelf above stove

Plant shelf above fridge

Plant shelf above fridge

Corner please give me input esp how to and where to pare down


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

I think you've done a wonderful job. I love what you've done with the tops of your cabinets. It looks fabulous. My only suggestion is to maybe take a few things off the mantel and then to use things of different heights to draw the eye up toward the picture, and then down low to the mantel and do the same for all of the table tops. If you look at some of the vignettes on my Table Top Tuesday post you will find fabulous examples from fellow bloggers. I am always so inspired when I see all of them. You're doing a fabulous job. Hugs, Marty

K said...

I have a 18 month old that will help you declutter everything that is counter height or lower. She is very good at finding anything low and moving it or breaking it!

I think your house looks great. I am jealous that you can decorate down low, but that might change when you have a grandbaby around:)

nikko said...

I have always loved your decor. :o) I would love to have a couple more little occasional tables around.

Did you get a new dining set?

AngeeBee said...

I really like your style of furniture and the deep colors in the furniture contrasting with the walls - I might suggest a wall color that would remain light but tie in some of the browns that you have in your room.

I always love to rearrange furniture to create the feeling of a new home. Might I suggest a small, low to the floor trunk or one of the square, iron umbrella stands by your foyer window to keep your umbrellas in (that are on your entertainment center). I would also streamline my books and displays on the bookshelves - the shelves add a lot of weight to the room and command a ton of attention. So, think about balancing that attention with lighter colored items on the shelves. (Similar to the crystal you have displayed.) Another idea is to line a piece of board with a fun fabric that would tie in a bunch of your colors (and make matching throw pillows) and place the covered foam board along the back of your shelving - giving it a customized look for little cost.

It is hard to rearrange without seeing the room overall... but, dear friend, I would happily come over one morning... Let me know when and if you would enjoy it!

I love all of your pieces - it is just finding a new way to display them that will refresh your love of your home!

Sue said...

These wonderful treasures that you have bring joy and happy memories.

I find every so often I have to de-clutter. I can't have everything out all at once.

I have asked my kids to stop giving me decorations because I don't have a place for them anymore.

I have found "less" is more. I try to have a focal point in each room, and create around that. To many focals throw the eye off.

Your front door is a focal point. I like the large saying to the side. Perhaps on the door you could have a wreath, and on the other side of the door something. I think I would remove the things off the floor.

I like your entry way table. Good use of what you have.Changing it up for the holidays is fun.

On your mantel, the picture is so colorful and dynamic, I would use only that. Nothing else.

Can the words Eternal Love go above the Temple? maybe a new place for the clock.

on the book shelves try to arrange the books vertically and horizontially.Breaking it up creates space for other things.

I have places in my home where I feature family photos. Instead of putting them everywhere, I'll create a spot, and do all the same picture frames. for Ex. upstairs I have a round table with 2 chairs. On the table all the frames are in silver. Downstairs I have a wonderful shelf and all the frames are in gold. I try to keep them together. On top of my piano the pictures frames are gold and silver.

I have trunks throughout my home and inside I keep special treasures, that I want to keep but not display them.

We all have things we collect. I display them together. It creates unity and my home looks less cluttered. for Ex. I have quilts. (lots of them) so I will fold them and stack them in an area, instead of having them everywhere.

You have geat taste. You will know what to remove and what to remove. I like to walk in the room and see where my eyes take me. Are there too many distractions? that helps me move things around.

Good luck with your project. Thanks for asking me for my opinion. Hope it helps♥