Monday, June 27, 2011

My world and Ruby Tuesday

Its been awhile since I have posted Life is good but I am a different person than I  was a year ago in many ways (but that is a story for another day) Today I am posting pictures of taking back our yard! We have had carpenter and acrobat  ants munching on our house -so we needed  to cut down lots of vines, , bushes and clear the places that they like.

My sister helped us for several hours and as she cut down our huge holly bush she found this --the egg was empty and the caterpillar just fluff  but it still looks sweet

my husband has been gardening and this beauty truly caught my eye

it is so shiny and pretty I thought it looked like glass

so I pulled out a glass chili and..

the live one wins don't you agree?                                                                                                                                         Our yard is a work in progress.... the ants have been treated  It will be rechecked in a week or two their hiding places are removed ,so....... I hope they don't finish off our house. I keep having dreams like the old cartoons where the termites munch on a house then the walls just fall down and nothing is left...Yikes!!!


Roan said...

Yep the live one wins! Beautiful. Looks like a lot of work. Good luck!

DrillerAA09 said...

The live one does win indeed. Great captures. Happy RT.

I have a good life said...

Yes. Live one wins. I know you have been working hard on that yard. Hopefully the ants are gone!

Liz said...

The pepper is so plump and red.

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Gloria said...

Nice chili pepper. Wow, bright red too. Ours aren't red yet. Happy Ruby Tuesday.

Kim, USA said...

Yes I agree the live one is the winner. And I love that kind of pepper. Great shot!!

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Hey it's just Jeff and Amy said...

Peppers are our favorite... The hotter the better :) Nice photos!

tw3 said...

What a horrendous experience.
A bit like woodworm, which is our threat in old houses in the UK.
The red pepper is cheery enough though.