Monday, August 07, 2006

5 things

"5 Things"
The idea is an easy one 5 categories,
5 items each.

5 Things In My Freezer:
ice cream
frozen fruit for smoothies
frozen anchovies for Pasta Putanesca (otherwise ewwww)
blue ice for sprains and pulls
half of Costco
5 Things In My Closet:
too many shoes,
too many clothes,
Machetti's from Honduras
a wedding dress
didI metion shoes
5 Things In My Car:
25 Christmas CD'S
baby wipes (haven't had a baby in15 yrs)
Yoga mats
migrainne medicine
a case of water
5 Things In My Purse:
3 sets of keys
extra earrings
dental floss
5 Things In My Wallet:
temple recomend
6 library cards
4 medical card s,
2 cards for free lettucewraps at Pei Wei(can't wait to uset hose), i
if you want to come on and do this and join the fun!


txmommy said...

Thanks for playing!

Are all 5 library cards current?

Joyismygoal said...

yes and actually there are 6 2 of mine Sag, and FW and then the rest are the kids who for some reason do not carry their own

friendinIN said...

I have used this several times as a get-to-know-you game. Thanks for suggesting it.