Monday, August 07, 2006

New Tennis Shoes

I remember when my boys would get new tennis shoes for back to school, they would say "watch Mom these shoes make me run faster, and farther, and jump higher" I would laugh and think I wish tennis shoes could do that .....well.... I got new tennis shoes last week !
First off. I need to tell you I really needed new shoes, my old ones were leaning embarrassingly to the outside of my heels, now why do they do that I know I don't walk funny??? Well delusions aside. I have been trying to walk each weekday morning @6:00 AM since April and it has been going well, thanks to my walking buddy who keeps me accountable. But I needed new shoes You know leg pains, through the insole, all the tell tale signs. So I shopped till I dropped and finally found a pair of Asics that looked and felt great in the store. After being assured by the very knowledgeable salesman that they were top rated in Fitness magazine, I paid all too much money for my net like, powder blue, w/silver, very cool ,albeit, size 8 1/2 wide, new tennis shoes. I left the store feeling stylish, ready to go for a walk right then. I wore them one afternoon at home to get used to them. But then to my utter dismay and great pain the first walking day I didn't make it the equivalent of 2 blocks before I felt the blisters jump onto my heels. They taunted me the entire limp back to my car , with each rub they screamed "you paid too much, you paid too much." Well boy was I disgusted! I slapped band-aids on my heels and plotted my revenge on those mean, pinching shoes. I'll just take you back!!!

A few days later I decided to try them once more around the house befor taking them back, and no pain..... I wore them out walking this morning for the second first time, I came home not only at peace w/ my new Tennis shoes, but ready to call my Mom and say "hey Mom watch this, my new shoes make me walk faster and farther." And they really did!!!!

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txmommy said...

yeah for new shoes!!!!

I'm glad they make you run faster!