Sunday, August 06, 2006


We were born needing naps (and look like little angels doing so) we took naps quite willingly till we became the ripe old age of one and a half or two when we learn we have a say in this life.
AS we age we are so offended to be removed from the action to take a nap. That attitude continues for the mjaority of our childhood. Then we hit High School and we start keeping hours that necessitate taking naps during exciting health movies and the equivilant. The same applies to college, though classroom naps become a little more embarressing w/professors who enjoy calling on the nappers (it happens:)).
Then again as young mothers we revisit naps w/ a vengance! It is the only time to get some things done, no, not while we sleep, but as our little ones nap.. ..... But for me no nap is sweeter than the Sunday afternoon nap w/our hubby, our little one, maybe the dog , or in the hot summer time, peacefully alone. And why do you think it is that on Sunday afternoon we are magically granted permission to nap? I think it must have to do w/ a clear conscience.... we have been to church, visited w/ extended family, cooked a nice meal for our family, life is good, so we celebrate !!**....with a cozy much deserved nap. Is my age showing?

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