Saturday, August 05, 2006

First post

I am embarking on a new journey in my life. I will soon be a.... (dramatic Pause) Mother-in-Law. Wow that makes me feel old and that I should really brush up on that wisdom thing:). R got engaged this week. By the new year We will finally have that second daughter and sister that we have all always wanted. So far we all like B very much she is so smart, a real person, cute and fun. Since I met her w/o my son being there she had to talk to us in depth so I think sheis not afraid of usand for that I am very grateful. Is there a mother-in-law handbook? I had a wonderful example in my wonderful Mother-in-law but she has been gone now for 8 years. I hope and pray I do half as well as she did.


txmommy said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.

If you find a mother-in-law book let me know, my DD#1 isn't engaged yet...but we think it'll be any day.

have fun with the blog :)

txmommy said...

Hey, I just figured out who you are!!

Can't wait to read more!


and congrats to R! When is the wedding? and when did you meet her?

Joyismygoal said...

Thanks dear. They will marry Dec 28th in DC Temple and we met her when she had an overnight layover a few weeks ago she was brave and stayed the nightw/us w/o R