Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Even while Sleepy

I am a little sleepy as I write today, so I better not drive! As I was dressing this AM I had a on a TV morning show. I learned this little tidbit of info: Driving while Sleepy (DWS)is as dangerous as driving while intoxicated (DWI). While I cannot compare the two since I don't drink, I have never driven while intoxicated, but as a Mom I do not think I have DNS (Driven Not Sleepy.) I think the Lord keeps a special watch to help us moms stay alert EWS (even when sleepy) :)
I also learned that metrosexual is out, as is the super shiney lipgloss but since niether of those applied(no pun intended)to me I was not as interested. The Lip gloss might have something to do w/the no liquids on airplanes thing, but then again so might the other because guys can't bring on all there grooming supplies. oh brother.(no pun intended here either)

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