Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Woo hoo !!!My Family got to take a very brief little vacation, We so needed it and had a wonderful time. we just got in the carand drove south I wanted to go north and stay in a cabin on a lakebut I got out voted so South it was! We first went on a cave tour near George town TX it was fun, a very cornyguide but that made it fun. We got muddy ,too but that was part of the fun too. Fun being the operative word here.
We then ate dinner in San Antonio at Marie Calendars, now you may think why there in San Antonio( home of how many Mexican Restaurants ? I had many Fun Memories from There while in College out west, where they are more prevalent. But alas, like other college fun it is just not the same as when I was 25 years younger. Oh well On to the River walk , I just love the idea of the River walk I wish we had one here. I asked B &Z if they wanted to ride the river tour boat ,since they had done it before maybe they wouldn’t want too. My very direct speaking daughter quickly informed me that the last time we were in SA they were ages 3&5 (my how time flies) I remember it so well why don’t they? It was so beatiful w/thelights on thewater and twinklelights everywhere. More later, I wish I could figure out How topost pictures on here. We have someentertaining ones on this trip.

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