Thursday, August 31, 2006


-When i have had a baby or been sick ----If someone asks if we need meals I will always say no. its just my nature, as I knowe it is many others. We (my family) can all cook and are fine----- so I can count on one hand the meals we have had from others. I've happily taken many a meal to others, a couple of times a month. Ironically once I got a call to take dessert to someone who had had surgery, the day I came home from having my second child. I declined:) that time.
Then last Fall When my husband and son had a bad accident we came home to a hot meal not asked for, but greatly appreciated and then again in May when my 2nd son had surgery and we stayed at the hospital several nights, meals were brought in. I felt very loved by those in our ward, no it wasn't absolutely necessary, but having not had this experience but once or twice before I was so touched and feel closer to my ward family because of it. This is due to a very compassionate RS president, a diligent compassionate service leader and many willing hearts. So thank you ladies for all the meals you've taken( loved you shared) with anyone who 'needed' it, or not so much. We all need the love.

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txmommy said...

I agree. Food really seems to = love.

And you are loved!