Thursday, January 25, 2007

My Niece Ellen

This is my sister Cristy's 1st child Ellen..
I recently got to stay a night at her house in Provo Utah. She is a research Librarian and Master pianist. She has made a cute home there, and was a very gracious host for her old Aunt and Uncle. I enjoyed talking w/ her about literature, she is so smart. She served a Mission for our church a few years back and Plays the Piano for the CES worldwide broadcasts, she plays for the UVSC intitute choir and sings in it too, she recently sang w/the choir for a night w/Donny Osmond.
I stayed w/my sister for awhile when Ellen was a toddler and she was such a delight! She had her own language at age one, we didn't understand a word, but we never doubted she knew exactly what she was saying. She treated me as a part of her family like a mommy/aunt. That always made me feel special .
When I came back from college for a visit when she 2-3 ( I was very poorly taking a class piano class) she would ask me all these questions about playing. I could not answer a one of them (. I am just a music wannabe). She had one of those little Jaynor(I think that is the name) toy wooden pianos with which at that very young age she could make prettier music than I ever could at 20 after a semester of class piano (even w/ Darwin Wolford for a teacher.) Well, she taught herself to play and compose by age 3 !!!!! She had lessons after that.but her talent is truly a gift from God. She has probably spent more hours at the piano than most of us have spent doing any other one thing. I am so grateful I got to stay w/her and was one of the many, many people blessed by her talent when she played for Richie and Britni's reception in DC.


Musimommy said...

Yes, I definitely think Ellen is pretty awesome too. My piano skills are decent, but a pinch of salt compared to hers. I haven't visited her place in Provo. Don't know when we'll ever get back to Utah again!!

txmommy said...

how fun!
i love her chair.

Ellen said...

Wow! Thank you so so much! I love it when people say I'm great, even though I don't always think I am. I can't wait to play at Johnny's wedding next week and then the CES fireside the next day. It was fun having you stay at my place. By the way, I think you're pretty awesome too.