Thursday, February 08, 2007

This Kiss ( WFMW Love Sweet Love)

I went to Works for me Wed and got some great tips on love sweet love. Here is mine: a sure fire fun free way to kindle a new spark.
My DH (like many others I know) almost always comes and finds me to give me a hello kiss, I will lean over a steaming pot of something I'm cooking, years ago maybe a steaming diaper I was changing, (eewwww) a Lincoln log layout or pile of Pretty Ponies. (can you tell i like aliteration?)

I know I sometimes smile, but sometimes I barely notice. I love that he does this even if I take it perfunctually, but sometimes.... I pull him back for a longer than a peck kiss.( When the kids were younger and noticed ,they would say eeewww ( like i did about the diaper)or come between us to break us up, or for a hug too. Those are nice kisses . I know for a little while quite a few years ago we heard you should time your kisses for a 10 second count. We always lost track of the count (I think that was the point).

Try It---

then if you are still not distracted from what ever else you were doing.... pull him back for a 3rd time.. it gets to be playful and fun. One of 'our songs' through the years was This Kiss by Faith Hill and I tend to think it stems from this tip:)

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