Thursday, March 22, 2007

Random Thoughts

Random Thoughts

I love that this sign from the museum about difficult reading also has a typo . I think it is intentional do you?
* I enjoy the people I get to work w/in my calling. We had a fun successful HFPE w/over 40 people there. It is always nice to have people attend when you have made the effort to do something nice. I am always amazed how many people it takes to pull these off -- 10 people who did such a wonderful job on the 10 virgins play, My Wonderful Enrichment leader who does it all. the very dependable Food Committee chair. The Bishop who spoke so sincerely and helped take down and set up. The 4 Rs pres members who helped as needed. My son who did way more than most 17 year olds could tolerate schlepping and cutting and schlepping some more, 5 splendid bakers, 3-6 people to have serving dishes and utensils. 3 random fill in helpers 2 extra servers .That is over 30 people. It is so wonderful when you work so hard and it all works ,there are glitches but the spirit teaches and people are edified. Thank you all.
Very tired after the event, but happy.
I Lovethese guys and I love that they are very supportive of me. Spencer looks older and even looks like he is going to Europe in 2 months.
My 17 yr old helper who was in a 'cool' pose wearing his football shirt fromwhen he was nine.

** I love my family we are not perfect but who is?


txmommy said...

I meant to tell you that I loved your polka dots shirt (and shoes) and that the evening turned out so nicely.

You have very nice kids, I have noticed that Z really helps with projects a lot. I hope E will be like that.

nikko said...

I thought it was a wonderful night. You and R (ack! I almost typed her real name!) did a great job planning it.

lovemycottagegarden said...

Nice guys! You look so happy too!
I am jealous. Europe is my dream. Who is he going there with?