Monday, March 26, 2007

Which shoes would you rather own?

Would you rather be the owner of these shoes?

Or these
I speak tomorrow night atmy sister's church and that is my opening Question ? I hope they like the pink ones that are fresh and new because my answer is the second well worn blue ones ......Why??
because to me it represents the well over 500 miles I have walked in them over the past 4-5 months and it shows me I have worked hard . I can't always tell when i look in the mirror but the shoes don'tlie:) I am going to talk about our physical well being. I will briefly touch on moving-- stretching, walking, just doing something everyday. Breathing, drinking water cleanliness, and laughter and its effects any input I can get would be greatly appreciated i need to give them 3-5 things they can do tomorrow I have a couple of stretches , an invitation to walk around the block, Breathing techniques to relieve stress, a water challenge and how would you suggest we incorporate laughter? Any other ideas too would be so appreciated. Lets get Moving!


Tracey said...

Don't know that I have any ideas to add, but I do like your choice of shoes. Or at least your reasoning behind them.

Congrats on all the miles!

lovemycottagegarden said...

THe pink are so pretty, but I prefer the broken in ones because they look like you have had fun in them!

Tammy said...

Once again you did your very best as I knew you would. You did an excellent job speaking on our physical well being and the balance of it. You are great example to me. I have already received a number of wonderful comments on your presentation. THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

hi there -- i picked the well worn shoes even before i read your answer. i like how they look lived in, loved, well used, and comfortable i bet. i love how my well worn hiking/work boots feel. and i don't care that they look beat up. like goldylocks says, they feel "just right."

i liked your attention getter question to start off your talk. great idea!

blessings to you and yours from anchorage alaska :)

Anonymous said...

hi there -- cool to hear from you on my blog. yes, alaska is the place to visit during spring/summer. beautiful, especially with the sun up sooo many of the hours.

i have lived in alaska for almost 20 years. i volunteered to come up here when i was in the Air Force. i met husband up here a couple years later. after i got out of the Air Force, we definitely wanted to stay here. we never intend to move away. we are huge fans of motorhoming in the summer months (with our doggies and our grumpy teens). i hear they outgrow it. there is hope.

happy day :)