Sunday, April 22, 2007


I too am so saddened by the senseless massacre at VT and just wish the same as you...... that could be simpler,that.........we could all get the love and acceptance we need, that ...........the stigma for mental health could not be so bad that people won't get the help they need and that we could all reach out……... this world is a tough enough place to live w/o friends and the proper care we can get from professionals. I know we can all reach out to someone. We can make a small difference, we can. We all have to try for all humanity is at stake.We can all help and we can all pray.

I saw in the Parade today that we have a natural inclination to be restored by nature..... I know I have always felt that. I hope others pick up on that and connect w/ God through nature and feel restored too.


nikko said...

So true. Being outside is always refreshing to me.


Anonymous said...

hi joy: thanks for sharing the thoughts on this.

so true about nature, too. i love the quote "lose yourself in nature and find peace." beautiful pictures you shared here.

peace be with you this night :)

lovemycottagegarden said...

Beautiful pictures! Where are they taken? I wish the same as you. Nature is my connection for sure.

Joyismygoal said...

Thanks all, Yellowstone