Saturday, May 26, 2007

49.6 lbs

Apparently that it the # of pounds it takes for a 21 yr old to suvive 2 months in Europe.
S arrived early this AM in Madrid, Spain. He is safely in a hostel. I got to talk to him from the airport but I had been asleep so I do not remember any thing other than he sat next to a girl from the Canary Islands on the plane. I am so excited for him to be there in this Study Abroad immersion program But I will miss him and am a bit nervous about the two weeks of backpacking, hopping small planes etc he will do in July. He has been working double shifts every day to get enough money to go......... he was so tired ............ You can see B ,L, A&C in the background and of course my thumb.
He went to B's Grad w/ us . My neice Graduated this week but my camera wsn't working so I had to take pictures w/ my phone. She is so cute.


txmommy said...

i'm glad he made it safely.

Anonymous said...

that's me!