Saturday, May 19, 2007

100th Post (100 things about me )

I was told on your 100th post this is what we do. soo.............

100 things about me for my 100th post

1. I am 48 years old but feel like I’m 35 or 65 depending on the day
2 I love tomatoes.
3 My Hubby is a gentle, smart, former FB player.
4 I love to exercise, not to start it, but the great feeling you get about 30 minutes into it .
5 I love to take pictures, close ups esp… food, candid people, and beautiful nature
6 My normal expression tends to be a smile and it drives some people mad.
7 I have 6 sisters and 3 brothers I grew up with , 4 step sisters I did not grow up with , 1 step and 1 half brother I did not , So we have 10+6=16 siblings
8 The misssionaries knockedon my families door when I was 6.
9 I like 100% cotton clothes best.
10 I prefer pajamas over nightgowns but it used to be the other way around.
11 I am a very loyal person and expect that from others so I am disappointed sometimes.
12 1 have 4 children 1 girl (19) and 3 boys(23,21,&17) and I have 1 daughter- in- law I love them all so very much .
13 I loved being room mom because I love doing children’s parties w/ games, parties w/ adults are just not the same.
14 I am too sensitive to what others think and feel.
15 I love to read.
16 I love going to book club and sharing insights that others see and some they do not see.
17 I ‘read’ about 4-8 books on tape a month.
18 I love Cold weather and prefer it over warm ( I think I might live in the wrong state)
19 I work P/T for CFK its A recycling company that is a fundraiser for schools
20 I drive too much for my job.
21 Nature restores me..... esp when I can spend a couple of hours w/o the rest of the world.
22 I almost never sweep the kitchen floor-- I try to get everybody else to do it.
23 I have love /hate feelings about cellphones, do you also?
24 I used to Run 10 miles a day in the mountains when I was in college. I tried to run in March and pulled a muscle that is still healing almost 3 month's later.
25 I have worked @ 5 Banks plus others as a bank temp.
26 I was a Substitute teacher for 3 years, mostly HS.
28 Pride & Prejudice is my all time fav movie. I also llke Return to Me and You’ve Got Mail
29 I enjoy Romantic Comedies and Mystery Movies.
30 Walking @ 6:00 AM is one of my favorite parts of the day.
31 Yoga keeps me moving and I can feel it when I skip class and get all stiff.
32 Hiking is my first choice for fun, esp hiking in the Mountains’ the air is so clean and fresh.
33 We all tanned as young girls we had a sun porch we baked on for hours at a time, (ugh I hope I don't get skin Cancer)
34 Salad would be my first choice for a meal.
35 Steak medium rare is my favorite meat.
36 Broiled Salmon my second favorite.
37 I almost drown in a lake when I was 8, I was unconscious, submerged, rescued and revived by my Aunt Marsha
38 I love to Swim.
39 I would like a pool in my back yard.
40 I was a lifeguard for a couple of summers.
41 I have had over 20 Jobs in my life, never been fired :).
42 I like to volunteer , I have done, PTA/PTO 17 years, FT Worth Nature Center, Special Olympics
43 At Church I have worked w/ the: Primary Children, Youth, RS Women, Activities, Sunday School, Music, and Seminary
45 My husband used to attend my SS class when we were in college @BYU and I felt so in awe of all the RM’s and their scripture knowledge , I used to ask him and his roommates for help w/ my lessons and that is partly how we got to know each other.
46 I enjoy teenagers and their outlook on life.
47 Some people make me cry to look at them… I almost feel their misfortunes.
48 I graduated from McKinley Senior HS in 1977. I did Drama,Choir, Student Council , class officer, and office asst.
49 I graduated from Ricks college in 1979 I loved my Field Biology and Canoeing classes.
50 I wish I had a Doctorate degree in English literature so I could be better read and wiser.
51 I love to grow Flowers from seeds .
52 I like animals, but I have more than a healthy fear of most of them including dogs and hamsters
53 I always cry at the hymns How Great Thou Art and I Stand All Amazed.
54 I frequently feel alone even in crowds.
55 I really like natural looking wreaths and I have 4-5 of them in my home
56 I keep getting more clocks, Do I think it will give me more time in my life?
57 I used to never seem to have time to take baths, I usually showered, until our shower broke over a year ago and now I so prefer a bath over a shower.
58 I often wish my mouth had a rewind-delete option so I could take back the dumb things I say all too often.
59 I wonder why we have hair and are people who are bald disabled or is it just for looks
60 I wish I had closer friends even bald disabled ones
61 I love Libraries and Bookstores I can waste hours w/o even noticing
62 I have Tx allergies. Is there any who doesn’t?
The following 17 items (63- 80)were contributed by my hubby
63 I no longer have my appendix it burst when I was 13
64 I have never had broken limbs, do toes count?
65 I don’t like hospitals but find myself being there more lately(with many family members)
66 I am part Irish, German, Scottish
67 I love candles. Burning and Making I Just finished making about 40
68 As a youth, I was a fair artist. My daughter has really developed her artist skills All of our children seem to be artistic
69 I like having the TV or stereo on for the company though I love silence too–
70 I wish our family lived in a larger home
71 I try to be a very honest person and am bothered when I know others are not
72 I enjoy baskets of all types (mostly the flat weave)
73 I have learned to enjoy watching football especially HS it is better when one of your kids is playing
74 I try to stay in tune with community affairs
75 Other than Mexico and Canada, I have not traveled outside the US – but would like to
76 I enjoy rain and on several occasions I have stood in it to enjoy it more
77 I enjoy starting projects but do not like to clean up after projects
78 I love eating the middles out of Oreo cookies
79 When I first got married, I was learning to cook. Now I think I am comfortable in the kitchen
80 I own a mountain bike but my son rides more than I have
81 I had my first job at 12 making $.50 an hour
82 I never had music, art, dance, or any lessons or sports teams as a young child.
83 I did do track and swim team in HS
84 I also took art, dance, and piano classes in College
85 I need a new car, maybe a CUV a Crossover Utility vehicle, a small SUV on a car wheel base supposed to have good handling and good gas mileage
86 I like to tease people, but always think someone has a hidden meaning if they tease me.
87 They let me sing in the church choir even though I am not a very accomplished singer
88 My hair is very gray, it started when I was 14 and has been all gray for about 15 years I did not start coloring it until children asked if I was my kids’ grandma?
89 I enjoy talking to intelligent people. I feel smart(but I do Not think I fool them)
90 I grew up in Canton Ohio.
91 I went to BYU in 1981-1983, which is where I met my Hubby English, Religion, and History were some of my favorite classes
92 I worked one summer at Aspen Grove Family Camp in the mountains for BYU Alumni Association.
93 I like public speaking it challenges me, I always feel like I stretched, grew, and learned a lot from preparing.
94 I had a wart once that had to be surgically removed.
95 I love to receive snail mail and email .
96 I love boating, sailing is relaxing and speedboats are exhilarating.
97 I am so thrilled to get phone calls from my kids.
98 I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and know my Heavenly Father loves me
99 I think I am 'punny'!
100 This took me weeks to compile I do not think I am that complex.


txmommy said...

i also have a love/hate with cell phones.
Begrudgingly I'll admit to liking exersice, once started, but I miss you in the morning:(

You are very punny, and very kind. I'm glad you are my friend!

lovemycottagegarden said...

I enjoyed your 100. I can't believe you almost drowned at age 8 and you love water. I am sorry I missed your gsale. It has been hectic. I miss seeing you.

nikko said...

I also love candles, baskets, and being outside.

How fun it is to get to know you better!

txmommy said...

I heard Z cleaned up at his ventureing thing this weekend!

Musimommy said...

That's a great picture of you!