Monday, May 14, 2007

Garage Sale

I am having a GS and some of my family wanted to know if I had anything good and asked me to post pics of furniture, the kids or someone else might want or need so ignore this at will. I put some of them in the paperat a starting point but all is negotiable............................

Draw leaf Pine Kitchen table on brown painted pedestal (don't smirk it used to be green and before that country blue

Skinny cherry entry table

old Oak Telephone table (I have it in the paper for 75.00)

B's old Chest of Drawers (scratched a lot but Sturdy)

Antique tiger oak Secretary desk(I have in Paper for $250.00)

Pine Armoire (I have in Paper for $250.00)

Bathroom Cabinet (Cheap)


txmommy said...

wow! why are you getting rid of such great stuff?

daughter in law said...

I'm not sure how we'll get this stuff to DC... I'll have to talk to Richie because it might cost as much to ship/haul it all as it would be to just buy some stuff at garage sales there. What do you think?

Musimommy said...

Are R and B moving to DC area? We'll have to keep in touch with them!