Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom

This is My Mom at the Reception this Jan, w/ R & B.

This is 20 years ago in Wyoming My sister ,Mom, R, and me, I am preg w/B
This is My Mom as a toddler she was the 3rd of 5 children. She had eye surgery at this age and loved to sing and dance on stage.
This one always gets me, it is my Mom receiving Hank(my Stepdad's) military Flag at his graveside service 17 tears ago.

This may have been the first time she left the great state of Ohio.

They had a new baby every year or two and divorced after 20 years. They then both remarried and w/all the yours mine and ours we total 16 siblings.
My mom was a pretty 17 year old when she married my Dad

One of our first cozy couch pictures. Isn't the chubby baby on the right a cutie in her jammies, you may not recognize her:)but it is me. After 10 years of marriage there were 7 of us , the oldest about 9, and I was the youngest.

My mom has a great sense of humor. She is very generous if she has it, she will give it to you, but does not ever buy things for herself . She says we keep her well supplied so she has no need to. I think I got my love of the out doors from her, she and my step Dad liked to camp and fish. We had to memorize all the states and their capitols for fun, she taught us the love of good books, and the value of honesty. I also think I came by my Irish fiestiness quite natually. Happy Mothers Day Mom . I love you.


nikko said...

You look a lot like your mom! What a beautiful tribute. Happy Mother's Day!

lovemycottagegarden said...

Thanks for the idea. I enjoyed doing one for my mom.
we are so fortunate to hae such wonderful women as our mom. Hope you had a great Mothers Day!

Joyismygoal said...

I loved doing this and showing it to my Mom today she said it was the best present ever.

txmommy said...

what fun old pictures! I loved seeing you when you were small.

come visit I would LOVE that!

I have a good life said...

What awesome pictures...and here I thought my DH was the only one that had kids memorize capitals and states and countries, etc, for FUN!