Friday, May 04, 2007

I was on TV

  • Our HS had a threat, or rumured threat, it is still unclear which.
  • 1. Z texted me to let me know. ....That some one wrote on the bathroom mirrors something about people dying on May 3rd. I wanted so badly to go get him, protect him. He did not want to come home, or even for me to bring him a bulletproof vest. Don't laugh, I seriously wanted to, and if I had one he would be wearing it.
  • 2. So I calledthe public Information specialist at our school district. After 18 years of school age children, I try to go through the right channels before I panic . She assured me there was extra security and diligence on campus and that nothing had actually even been substaniated, but that they were still taking it very seriously.
  • 3.So I prayed a lot and asked some others to also.
  • When I went to P/U Z the FOX channel 4 NEWS was there. They stopped my car to ask if they could talk to me? I said yes, not thinking that...... I just got out of the shower, had wet hair and no makeup on, we went through it twice and I felt good about what I said. She asked what I did today when I heard? I told her 1,2,3, from above and she asked if the Virginia Tech shooting was on my mind?and how I felt? I told her yes, and It just made me want to hold my loved ones close and not have anything remotely like that happen. She told me I did very well. :) I do like to please.
  • so ...... I was on TV last night!! I wish it were for something fun but............... life is not all fun.
  • All they had me saying were the words in yellow, so.............. I feel like I did OK.............. but TV really does add lots of weight:(
  • I am just so grateful I am not posting a post like I did the other day about a terrible tragedy.
  • I am grateful prayers are heard and answered and I pray for those who are in pain, that they may be comforted and not take their pain out on others.


txmommy said...

I didn't see you but S told me you were on.
I am glad the kids were safe. Hopefully they will continue to be.

Musimommy said...

It's so hard to know the right thing to do in that situation. And it's hard because some HS kids will do stuff like writing on a mirror for a "prank" or to get out of school. A HS girl in our district recently was arrested for writing the word bomb on a bathroom mirror and thus causing the school to be evacuated. What a world we live in!

lovemycottagegarden said...

I saw you and you looked freshly showered. You always look nice without makeup. You have an awesome complexion. And your comment was just perfect.