Saturday, June 09, 2007

DH in Shower

My Dh has been in this Shower a very long time.................. trying to finish it. I should have taken a before shot and a middle one also......... We actually hired someone to redo this shower a loooonnngggg time ago and they stuck in some thin laminate sheets and did not redo the tile as agreed but made huge fist size holes in the foor cement. well............ we....... had to................ no longer do business w/ those guys and try and do it ourselves .
The more he got into it the more we saw it was done poorly from the original builders 20 years ago. DH has worked sooooo hard he had to cut out all the old non wet proof (like my technical terms) old sheetrock. Re-cement the floor handy men had torn up. cut and fit new sheetrock/hardy board, tape and bed( I do not believe there is really a bed in the shower) , and is now re-tiling it is a job and a half and then some .

I am so proud of him but when will it end???? It's OK....... I do really like baths:)


nikko said...

Yikes. I'm afraid we'll have to do the same thing to our shower one of these days. It's scarey.

Amy said...

Whenever you do finish, might I recommend having a "Shower Party", complete with tub toys and certificates of appreciation for all participants, as well as WATER-themed food like Salt"water" taffy, "water"melon, veggies and "dip", "wavy" lays potato chips, etc. It's good fun and those bathroom projects are BEASTS! Good luck!

Joyismygoal said...

Amy you are too funny or should I say ...punny my kind of humor