Thursday, June 07, 2007

Update on Amy

A,M,T,J,E,in Feb in Florida

Some of you know my neice A a student at Southern Virginia University she is 19 years old she was taking a Stagecraft class and using a woodcutting machine it jammed or something and she got her thumb cut off.!! she had a 5 hour surgery @UVA RMC in Charlottesville. They are hoping for full function of the thumb, though she will need lots of rehab.this is an update from her sister J:
Wednesday, June 06, 2007
A is doing much better. She was in the hospital (icu) for about 5 days after the reattachment, then Mom stayed with her at SVU for about a week after that (Dad was there part of the time). She is managing very well and is going to be able to finish her classes. I went down this weekend to pack up her stuff and move it to storage. Let me tell you, that was alot of work!! The pictures are from a week after the accident. It kind of looks like a slug with yellow eyes. She now has the stiches out (still has the pins). She probably won't be able to do much physical therapy until the bones heal and they can remove the pin. They also had to release her carpal tunnel in order to get to the tendons that needed reattaching. I hope I thoroughly grossed you all out with these pictures. :):):)go to her blog for pictures our prayers
are w/ her.

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