Saturday, June 02, 2007


Rand B cooked for us twice while they were here. It was sooooooo good. They made it look easy to turn out such pretty food. R has a chef jacket B got for him and he IS quite the chef . Everything looked great and tasted even bettter.

This was Herb crusted Salmon, wild rice w/a tomatoe and onion elegant garnish.
this was the appetizer of a pureed trio of veggies so yummy. and the meal was presented so nicely.
2nd meal A sweet Italian meat sauce on Farfalle pasta w/ a vegitarian one for the other B
great crispy garlic breadw/ fresh garlic
and apparently we were too piggy to wait for a picture of B's beautiful dessert of a raspberry sauce over a pretty display of cubed angel food cake we gobbled it down w/ our fingers.:). I will miss them and their cooking for us.


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lovemycottagegarden said...

Wow! Do they cook this way at home? It looks deliciouso!

nikko said...

That's really neat that they enjoy cooking together!

daughter in law said...'re making me hungry and I'm stuck at work :( I really didn't want to come back today.