Monday, June 25, 2007

Family Fun

I had my nieces and nephew last week while my Sister was at girls camp and we had some fun.


We got to swim 3 places thanks to sweet friends.

I thinking about her skinned knee.

We curled their hair (fun for me)

We went to the movies and saw Nancy Drew and loved it.
I paid my nephew 20 bucks to cut his longish hair :) he looks great I have before pictures but no after---go figure.

I making a pig nose


bsh said...

How precious! thank you. i miss them soooooooooo much.

nikko said...

They are such cuties. I like the last caption, "I making a pig nose." ::grin::

How nice of you to watch them for your sister.

txmommy said...

they are so cute! we had fun when you came over. So, Nancy Drew was good? good to know.

They have the most beautiful that what B's lookedlike when she was small?