Friday, July 06, 2007

13 places in America that I have been

Maybe you can match these pictures w/ their name

I realized as I got into this post I did it incorretly but I so enjoyed this topic... that I did it anyway!

1.) The Alamo andI cried

3.) The White House and Lincoln Memorial and felt small

4.) The Smithsonian too many times to count and have not yet seen half of it

5.) Yellowstone so huge and peaceful

6.) Gettysberg so much pain

7.) Niagara Falls both sides

8.) Professional Football Hall of Fame in Canton Ohio in my hometown but not till I moved away

9.) The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island both are awe inspiring Ellis was fascinating too

10.) The Grand Tetons near my college and went often to climb

11.)I climbed Mt Timpanogas I worked at its base, at a camp, one summer, and took a whole day to climb and descend sliding on glaciers

12.) The Holocaust Museum in DC so real and stark

13.) President William McKinleys Monument in Canton Ohio and rolled down the hill as a child so I took my own kids at the right age to do the same


Toni said...

That is so weird! I did a Thursday 13 this week where I listed 13 American places I have been!

I Just wanted to stop in and say hello since we both signed up for Tori's Good Mail!

Special K Family

Jennie said...

ok... so your first picture was yellowstone... the geysers

2. niagra falls (canada side)

3. the grand canyon

4. ??? not sure...

how did i do?

Joyismygoal said...

Well,.... toni I copied your idea i njow know It doesn't work that way for the 13'S butI didn't when i started so please forgive me...It was a great idea, jennie you were rightn and the other is a little conceiving it is the Smithsonian