Thursday, July 05, 2007


Now, I only got the pictures.... not the whole story... but since I have been reading a book w/this title this is what I figure must have happenened: While in the Bahamas R&B encountered these scarey guys

Somehow they captured R and shackled him

They took him out to sea where he constantly searched the horizon for his lovely wife

He could take it no longer and overthrew the pirates in hand to hand battle and got back to safety. (the things we can do for Love :)

Well....... Maybe I am too engrossed in the Pirate world since I just finished this very good read Pirates ..the characters were different and interesting . It was one of those can't stop books and I Thoroughly enjoyed it. This review below is pretty accurate except I was not a big fan of piratesbefore this book (You know the Bahama incidenty)

The title is unfortunate. Naming a book simply "Pirates!" is both bland and uninformative. And with such marvels as Sid Meiers' out there, it strikes of "me-too"ism. Yes, the title is unfortunate, because the book is nothing short of phenominal.
Upon finishing it, I could only laugh. Celia Rees played me from begining to end, thrilling me with victories, unnerving me with suspense, and gripping my attention to such degree as to be nearly painful. This book is bold, brutal, and brilliant.
To attempt to explain the story is to do an injustice, as I can't possibly convey the tone or the atmosphere. Set in the 1700's, Pirates! follows the exploits of a misused heiress and her escaped slave companion as they merely seek a place for themselves in a world that has exhausted most all options. They find a home amogst pirates, both savage and noble. But the story isn't in the plot, it's in the characters.
While reading, I shared a genuine and deep affection for the heroines, Nancy and Minerva. They have fears and hopes. Hatred and love. And as in life, sometimes the boundries from one to the other are terribly unclear.
Ceelia Rees conveys both the glory and the suffering that accompanies a pirate's life, and she does so with a vivid detail that is absolutely mind-boggling. Most dramatic pirate fiction comes across as either candy-coated or needlessly graphic, but Rees manages to strike that perfect balance, inspiring both disgust and admiration, and making you crave more of each.The world is full of pirate novels, and I've still many, many to read. But thus far, very few have been truly, utterly brilliant. Not since Treasure Island have I been so completely immersed and engrossed. I found Pirates! in the young adult section of my book store, but don't be fooled. This is a classic of literature, and should be sought out by all that adore pirates.


Jennie said...

i love your new header picture! amazing!

i love new books! have you heard about twilight? it was also listed in the young adult section, but is absolutley amazing!!! you have to try it if you haven't!

Joyismygoal said...

Read it :)like everyone else I have heard in 2 days:)

txmommy said...

what cute pictures!!
I liked your review, you're a good writer.

Do you think there is a sequel?

Joyismygoal said...

I sure hope so, I would say thank you somuch but I did not write the review just the fist paragraph.