Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday Summer Camp

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This is a fun one !! I haven't thought of my own summer camp experiences in so long..

  • I guess the first one I was 10 at CAMP KOOL day camp at the YWCA It was my first experience of being just me--- not the 7th in a long line of 10 later 11 children. We had team games, nature crafts, singing class, dancing, field trips. I felt so honored to go because someone paid my way and I never knew who. w Once we got to sing w/ Up with People a 70's touring Youth group. With all that fun, my best memories of it were walking to my Dad's work after and working the last hour w/ him, singing John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. As I said being the 7th child it is one of my only memories alone w/my Dad.

  • Second was Great Trail Girl Scout Camp ----first time I slept away-- we had camp nick names, swaps, we performed as the Jackson five by painting our faces w/ Tempra Paint ---our voices were not the only things cracking---So not PC!!! It was so fun, I rememeber wanting to swim in the deep end so badly --- you had to swim like a half a mile to be able to do so, Always up to an impossible challenge I tried it.......... I felt like I would throw up, my legs were like lead logs, I could not walk for 10 minutes when I finished BUT!!!I could swim in the deep end:)

  • My third through 7th times were church girls camp and those were the BEST. Held at different locations--that ranged from Kelly's Island in Lake Erie to The Hiram Johnson Farm My sister was there most years , my friends Beth, Anna, Julie, Brenda, and Hazel we had the best bonding times: singing , doing really dumb, I mean creative skits, hiking, swimming, learning survival certification. They were fun and spiritual and sometimes just a little rowdy. Not me, mind you, but some of those girls tipped a port-a- potty EEEEWWW. These great memories (not esp the tipping)- left me w/enough enthusiasm to go at least eight times as an adult leader later in life and love it.

  • There were 4 youth Conferences w/church. We held them at colleges not so far from our area like Bowling Green. I had a friend who was way into practical jokes--(never a dull momentw/ Beth) She would introduce herself as Vicky and shake people's hands w/ VICKS Vaporub on her hand. (they always remembered her) She put Koolaid or Boullion in the boys Shower Heads......and on and on . We always had great spiritual classes (I don't remember topics but I do remember how I felt and it was awesome). We had huge sports events, games, and dances. One was at Slippery Rock College in Penns. once we white water rafted down the Yaughiogheny River that was the best.

  • I vaguley remember Student Council Camp in HS I was so nervous but learned a lot.
  • In college I worked all summer at a camp(Aspen Grove Family Camp) and I really got to use much of what I gleaned from all those experience
  • I think these very positive experiences helped shaped who I am.... I was away from home and finding out the world was a nice place.

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annie said...

Fun camp experiences! The practical jokes sound really funny.

lovemycottagegarden said...

My you have vivid memories. I just have slight visions of the old days, not many details. I enjoyed family camping in the Mediterranean Sea. Water cold!!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Sounds like you had some great camp experiences! Thanks for sharing.

KC said...

Sounds like you had alot of fun.. But I am still stuck on the Kellys Island camp. Was that Camp Patmos??
great Time travel Tuesday(even though I'm just getting to it on Wednesday LOL)

Joyismygoal said...

I think our church set upcamp at the StatePark there I remember glacial rock ,tandem bikes and beach