Monday, August 27, 2007

Last first day of School

As a Mom, today, is my last first day of school, Z, my youngest of 4, started his senior year today. He is really a pretty nice kid. As I rode my bike this AM, I was very reflective on his and my other children's first days of school. I wasn't sad as much as wondering where the time went. I am so proud of them all and what they have done w/their lives so far in spite of having me for a Mom:>

I snapped this @ 6:00AM while he was eating bacon..

And then said smile for the camera:)

We had Rough Rider round up on Sat, They introduced all the teams. It was like a huge pep rally for all or most sports. Earlier in the day the FB teams scrimmaged another school and did well, and were hot and sore. My neice came and watched w/ us, she is such a cutie and we talked all about her wedding plans in November. What goes together better than Football and weddings:>


Jennie said...

how fun for you! i am so glad that you caught it on film!

i hope this is a great year for him... and you!

nikko said...

Aw! The last first day of school. You have made me all weepy. I don't want my kids to grow up!

Kari said...

After today, I've got 2 more "first days of school" left. I'm waffling between euphoria and total devastation. lol I don't know when my babies got to be so big and I can't decide if I'm happy about all the changes that are ahead - for them AND for me. I've decided that menopause and empty nest syndrome are responsible for most mental breakdowns among women in America today. But that's just my opinion...and I think I may be crazy so my opinion probably shouldn't count right now. lol

txmommy said...

bitter sweet?
He looks handsome, as usual :)

Shauna6pack said...

I am having conflicted feelings, too. I am thrilled at the prospect of a few hours EVERY DAY to myself, but I am also sad that it is the beginning of a new era. I remember running around Ft. Worth with you when your baby was just entering 1st grade and thinking it would never happen for me. sigh... and yippee!

Kayelyn said...

Looks like his school colors and mine are very close to the same.

'Tis bittersweet. Whatever will you do with your time?

lovemycottagegarden said...

Bay had the same pictures, one let get this pic done and then one when I said smile. How funny kids are and moms too. I only have 1 more 1st day of school. I don't even know how to feel. Changes! What will we do without the 1st day of school?

Kari said...

Okay - head on over to my blog. You've been TAGGED. (You may curse me for it later, right now you're going to be too busy doing the tag. lol).