Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen 13 countries I didn't get to go to

I love to travel, but I did not get to go to these places.

Someday I want to go to all these places and I dream of them often. But they left me behind and brought me these instead. Not whining just sharing my desire to go and these pretty things.

This first is my all time favorite souvenier. When DH went to Egypt for work 18 yrs ago we had 3 little ones and I was pregnant w/ our 4th and that is exactly what this mud sculpture depicts.

This is one of my newest favorites. When my son S went to Ireland (I soooo want to Go) He found this beauty for me. Isn't it so pretty?

DH went to Indonesia ages ago (for work) they do a lot of Batik so he brought these back and a robe that I wear often. It amazes me that they make these w/ wax.

My eldest spent two years in Argentina and this was one of the beautiful carvings he brouht back I love that it is a tree and the world and of how his world was broadened there.

A co-worker of my DH brought this back from Greece for me. It had very prety perfume in it and even many years the bottle still smells lovely. People said my older boys looked Greek as teens w/ their curly hair and olivish skin-- One time they taught themselves some greek == matbe to impress girls? :> we all want to go there someday.

These pretty birds are from DH's trip to Thailand.

Another of DH's co-workers brought me this from China it is so lovely and the same year my neighbor/friend gave me another lovely vase that matches it so perfectly.

S brought this one from Spain Actualy for DH but he shares w/ me. Since S wants to live there someday I hope to go.

I have a young friend who went to England this past winter/spring to study painting she is sooo talented and I loved this one she painted So I bought it from her -- I have a thing about windows and doors, they seem to have such possibilities, and the milk bottles reminded me of growing up too.

I have never been on a cruise. My daughter and husband have, They went her senior year in HS w/ the HS choirs and brought these bright pretty fruits back from the Carribean. Isn't there some ban on bringing fruit in from other countries?

My friend T went to Italy and was there during the choosing of the new Pope. She was so sweet and brought me this cute Nativity, she knows I collect them from foreign countries. I will show those in Dec.

MY DH went to Japan about 12 years ago for work and brought this back.

My brother J went to Austria when he was in West Side Story for the Europe Tour almost 20 yeas ago I love this piece he broght me from there.

I appreciate the the things and the love behind them But I want to go!!! Where did you not get to go?
I am going someday I'd better get a passport!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, quite a poignant list! When I was a little girl, I had a geisha doll which I got from my mom, whose cousin had been to Japan.

Thanks for sharing, and Happy TT! Thanks for visiting mine. :)

Anonymous said...

You have an amazing collection of photos and things photographed. My first visit today.

Abraham Lincoln
Brookville Daily Photo

Big Sis said...

Brother J brought me back stuff too (Cats).thomma lynn looks like she's holding Casper!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

That is SO cool. We talk about being open to learning about other cultures and maybe visit the countries, but how many of us have pieces of them in our homes??

Really neat stuff. I wish I lived near you so I could visit in person.

Happy TT!

txmommy said...

wow, your DH has traveled a lot. What fun stuff!

Rachel said...

You have always had the neatest "things" even if you didn't go there and get them yourself personally, they are still yours!

Kathy said...

Happy TT13! What a wonderful way to depict this! It reminded me of my days of global travel - I bought stuff EVERYWHERE - justifying it as gifts for others. Some I ended up keeping - don't tell them! I started bringing an extra suitcase to cart it all. Although I've been blessed to have travelled to a lot of places, some of the ones I didn't get to go to ...yet... but want to include Egypt, India, South Africa, Sicily, Greece, Caribbean, Brazil, Argentina

Buck Naked Politics said...

You may not have visited these places YET, but you never know what another moment might bring.

nikko said...

Souvenirs like yours have so much meaning. Maybe someday you'll have a chance to travel, too.

Denise Patrick said...

I want to go to England. Have been so close, but never there.

Great TT!

jadey said...

My 55 is up

The Gal Herself said...

Love that painting of the front door with the milk bottles from England. Thanks for sharing.

Sue said...

I LOVE this list idea, and may have to borrow it in the future from you .. :) Definitely want to go to England too! Happy TT :)

kat said...

Great list! Thanks for droppin by :)

lovemycottagegarden said...

Wow what a great collection. You have many that love you and think of you often. I love the pregnant mom with the 3 kids the best. Is your senior excited about his big year?

Anonymous said...

Ur page takes some time to load because of the big banner picture? Maybe u could crop it in picasa/photoshop?
And lovely collection from across the world.

Anonymous said...

ah, what fun! you have the right attitude. hey, i totally love your photo across the top of your blog and i still love how your blog title is "joy in the moment." i so agree with that concept. but clicking on your header photo feels like total peace, feels like how i feel when i listen to conference talks, when i walk in the sun and pray, when i am captured in the moment of a Sacrament talk, when i am captivated by someone's testimony shared. thanks for such a great picture. thanks for making me feel a little more peaceful today.

blessings to you this day, kathleen/grateful