Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thursday Thirteen Shoes

I am very late w/this today I have had a busy, busy week, I have had several meetings, a speaking engagement, back to school shopping, time helping my mom and sister, a shower, Physical Therapy (still building up my strength) and I am reading a very good book so I shortened my blog time:)
My brother asked me if blogging took alot of my time so I decided to keep track and this post took me about 1/2 an hour snapping and posting but it is a fun creative outlet for me and if someone else enjoys any of it I am thrilled and if not I am having fun.

I have a confession to make.... ... My name is Marcia and I am a ...shoeaholic ((gasp)) you heard correctly... Now I am aware their are others out there,... and I know some personally, but their addictions are much more.. glamorous, they have cute
or sexy, strappy stillettos and the like. And me, well I am a 'many faceted' person so I have all types of shoes but I ..... am all about comfort ... 44 out of my 45 pairs of my shoes are comfortable.... so.. if you were expecting to get a peek at strappy stillettos you will be sorely disappointed... BUT you could walk a mile in most of my shoes and then you would understand me and my addiction to comfortable shoes:)

Just no one use the words old or orthopedic please.

Guess which ones are not comfy.

Cute black sandals from my fav brand (Borns).

Pink sparkly flip flops (its a TX thing.)

On a hard working day I wear these and do not even think about my feet.

Every one needs red shoes!!

My shoes for the wedding.

Thes are for a break from the previous ones.

How many black sandals are sufficient?

Way comfy and different.

More Tx flip flops tall and beady.

These are kinda cute on.

Water shoes.

Winter clogs (no more crocs in the snow).

My all time favs!!! at big events I have walked miles in these Eccos.

1/2 0f the restof the 45 are black sandals!!!! oh oh-- I left out my hiking boots and tennis shoes. Lest you think I am flat broke--- not a sigle pair of my shoes have I paid full price, not even close:> How many shoes do you have ?


-E said...

Oh My Goodness. I love your 13, I think it's the best one I've seen so far and I will totally steal this idea sometime. I can't even begin to count how many pairs of shoes I have. I do know I made myself donate 20 pairs when I moved, but I still have more than two shoe racks full!

Kari said...

Now I could fall in LOVE with those pink sparkly ones! lol I don't know how many pairs of shoes I own, but I DO know that the vast majority are probably flip flops or sandals and, in total, I've got to have at least 15 pairs of black shoes, maybe more. I'm not sure why that is. I think I'll have to go check out my closet next week when my husband's out of town and see just how many pairs of shoes I DO own. (If I do it now, he'll just come in there and start in on "why do you need so many, blah, blah, blah". lol). Love this post, BTW! It was FUN! Oh and go ahead and be THRILLED because I love reading your blog (probably doesn't count for much, huh? I'm such a blogging dork. lol). But I felt like I had to tell you since you said that if someone else enjoyed what you wrote, you would be thrilled. So yeah, BE THRILLED!

Yvonne said...

I do not own a pair of those crocs--are they really comfortable? Do you get dirty when you wear them??? Just curious.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I don't have enough shoes. It's that simple. I need more, especially black sandals.

I tend to live in my tennis shoes because of my orthodics but really, I'm strong enough now. I can wear other shoes more often.

Problem is, I now need the rest of the wardrobe to go with it...

Happy TT (a day late, but who's counting?)

Anonymous said...

I only have 45 pairs, but 1/3 of them are sneakers (all but two are Nikes), 19 are sandals or flip flops (and I live in Ohio) and only 3 pair of boots. The rest are all black dress shoes. It must be in our genes. CJT

txmommy said...

cute shoes! I would wear any of them.

When I was young and first got married my husband and BIL was shocked by the number of shoes that moved into our house. 90+
Now I have about 25 but can only wear half of them because of my ankle.

Robin said...

I am all about comfortable shoes. Cute, fine. Sexy, even better. But they have GOT to be comfortable.

I think you'll appreciate this old post of mine:

Ladybird said...

I just have 6 pairs. Maybe 8 if i include bathroom slippers :)

Britni said...

We just got our closet put together and it's official...after last count I have 36 pairs of shoes and 5 of those are tennis shoes. I do have some nice heels though :) especially some pretty brown ones from Macys. I can somehow always find shoes even when jeans don't fit :)