Friday, September 07, 2007

Would you pay $178.00 for the perfect purse?

I asked my self 'Would I pay $178.00 for the perfect purse?' well.... I have been in search of the perfect purse for me-- I know your perfect purse would be different. But... I used to have a red purse and loved it! I loved when people said 'Oh, I love your red purse" I would beam a casual 'oh thanks' so when it wore out --I was on a mission to replace it-- it was a long one.
I looked all winter Fancy dept stores, discount stores, closeout stores but.. to no avail.
When summer rolled around I saw many red purses, but thy were either too small ,too big, not enough pockets, no zipper or something??? I actually had 2 home and took them back for the above reasons.

I Tried carrying the old one but it as ripped...I even carried a free orange tote from Lancome as a purse for a little while..then a short while ago I was checking out the annual comfort sandal clearance at Dillard's and wandered into the oh- so- lovely, expensive purse area. I asked the sales girl for the sale purses and she showed me lots of ugly purses that cost way too much money.

She then made a dismissive wave to the shelves of the ones on.... uh hum 'CLEARANCE' . I am not proud, clearance is my mantra.. I started looking there were bronze huge shapeless things..... maybe in Florida 20 years from now... there were small black ones w/ enough chrome trim to have a make and model, green,purple, and lots of white trimmed in gold. Well none of those are the perfect purse for me, maybe you but not me:> Then I saw this red one Its a Fossil --I thought they just made watches?

hmmmmmm I said I kinda like that hmmm I really like that one---hmmm I wonder how much ??? Oh my!!
$ 178.00 well it was cute, but alas, way too much. Then I remembered 'CLEARANCE !!!

So I asked how much it would be? "40 some dollars"-- still more than I ever wanted to pay--- but pretty close to that magical# in my head that is the limit I would pay for a purse. Do you have those in your head? I really kinda like this purse it is red, has handles-- not one shoulder strap, has a cell pocket, sunglass pocket. a large zipper area, holds my red wallet and makeup bag, I Think this may be IT!!! So I bought my perfect purse-- no looking back. I love it!!! No guilt what-so-ever.


Jennie said...

how funny! it is a very cute purse!

i just bought my first red purse this week!

I have a good life said...

Very cute purse. Glad it didn't cost 178.00. Yikes! Very cute and very you, though! :)

Mel said...

I love Fossil purses:)

Kathy said...

wow we are so much alike. More than I thought. Cute!

Kayelyn said...

Yay for you finding a purse you like. I really hate it when my purses wear out and I have to go looking for another one. It takes years to find one I really like.

Am still looking wallet I like to replace the one that is getting holes in it.

Kari said...

It's a great purse! I think I would have passed out cold if you'd said you had paid the $178 for it. I mean, to each his own and all, but WOW! Who can pay that for a purse? And why would they? And what would they carry in it? They've already spent all their money! lol
But for $40 some dollars - this was a pretty darn good buy. And I didn't know Fossil paid purses either. Never would have thought it! Congratulations on finding your PERFECT purse!

Shauna6pack said...

Just so you know, Blogger doesn't like me. I posted a comment earlier and it didn't post AGAIN. So if you never get another comment from me, you will know why.

I said, "You should have gotten two so we could be TWINS." and, "My perfect purse must involve magnets like the very-first-ever purse I bought when you convinced me it was a good thing, remember? It has been my favorite because it closed itself, something I can't manage on my own. I need to come back to TX to get another one." There! I feel better now.

Musimommy said...

I love that purse!! I bought my first red purse on clearance this summer for $11.00. It is not everything I want though it is cute. Still looking for my "perfect purse." :)

Ladybird said...

I too got a purse at a clearance sale recently. It was rs.4oo($8), which is not a great price for a sale product here.

txmommy said...

love it!! I would carry that purse :)

you guys did a great job today!