Saturday, September 08, 2007

Football-Super-Cute boys

Well let's see Football was a fun game-- we went in double over time Z had friends come watch and he wasn't in so much-- only had 8 carries not his best game but "you can't always get what you want"but if you try sometime ya just might get what ya need " My BoyF in college used to sing that a lot....
but I digress-- we won the Fb game as I said double overtime the crowd went wild and I caught the full essence in this video clip That now won't load (it was a whole 1 second long:<)I also got some decent shots

Z in action he blocked that guy, behnd the other guy

waiting to take the field

tired about midnight

We had super Saturday at church-- I was on the committee to put it on And it went so well we were pretty tired but Everyone did such a nice job and all I had to do was sit back and enjoy.... well not really there was alot of set up and tear down but in a perfect world? We had such a lot of help it was awesome. I think a good time was had by most. TX Mommy did a cute tile w/nine behavior B's

We had Haylee's Mom and Three Blond Boys making yummy and pretty gingerbread and ginger bread boy and girl cookies and I got to take some extras home and play they are nothing like
Rachels pretty ones but we had fun.

some pretty, some cute G/Boys.


Kayelyn said...

Go team! I love watching my boy pay football. Is #33 you guy?

Cute Gingy boys and girls. They look delicious.

Saturday crafts are fun and the ladies make it better.

I have a good life said...

It was a great Super Saturday. I wish that it'd worked out for me to be there the whole day. You and A and committee did great! :) Thanks.

Kari said...

Aahhh, Gingerbread men and Football...nothing screams Autumn is Here! more than that. lol

Jennie said...

fun football pics!

i totally love super saturday! in my ward we usually have a terrific tuesday instead, i guess the saturday ones don't work out as well!

i really really really like your "be" plaques. very cool! i want one!!! hee hee!

last year for thanksgiving we were invited to some friends house for thanksgiving. we made some fun gingerbread people. lots of fun to do!

txmommy said...

I didn't see your cute football playing gingerbread guys!

Mel said...

I love the football gingerbread boys!!