Friday, November 23, 2007

The day After

Thanksgiving was nice, i worked hard, had a nice dinner, w/ kind family, and it SNOWED!!!!! Now If you were in my family you would know why that was so nice we do not always have the best family gatherings. i had parts of my husbands family and parts of mine so I guess everyone was on their best behavior and as much as I want everyone to be comfortable in my home .... i like "company manners" when they are needed, and when you have 21 (3 were a pleasant suprise),people in 2 rooms they are necessary! We set up a buffet and had 2 pretty tables on which to sit. We had 2 turkeys, stuffing, 1 ham,mashed potatoes, gravy,2 kinds of sweet potatoes, greenbean casserole, corn,homemade rolls, cranberry salad, cranberry sauce,strawberry pretzel salad, pumpkin pie,apple pie, cherry pie, mincemeat pie,chocolate eclair dessert and...... somehow I lost 2 more pounds woohoo!!!
a couple of things were funny to me:what takes 7 hours to prepare takes less than 1 hour to consume, this is the first time I cooked everything but the sweet potatoes, one desssertand my brother-in-law brought a cajun turkey from his work and I enjoyed all of it and was happy to do it ??? sometimes it is so frustrating to me to just make the rolls and the pies??? ANd it was funny to me also that Richard felt compelled to sit at the table that was mostly my family and i felt compelled to sit at the table that was mostly his family w/ a sprinkling of mine, wonder why that is?
We of course went around the table to say what we are thankful for and it was nice my mom praised each member of her family for all they have done for her especially in the last couple of years but the clincher was my 4 year old neice who is thankful for the holy ghost it was so sweet.We missed those who have been w/ us in the past ans are now gone like my sweet mother -in-law Francis who has been gone 9 years now and i still miss practically daily and esp at the holidays. we also misse those who were traveling elsewhere this holiday R&B, T&J, E&D, D,A,T,C,L&J, and all those who are hardly ever able to join us like C,C,D,B,J,M A d my Dad Iam thankful for all of you, and I am so grateful we have a holiday dedicated to showing gratitude!!

)h,and did I say it SNOWED big huge snowflaKes , did you see it on the Cowboy game last night?:>:>


txmommy said...

happy Thanksgiving, I'm glad you had a good day.

I am ready to put away all the fall stuff and start on Christmas!, not the shopping though:( We're hitting the store later today and I am not excited to go, not dreading but it's not my favorite part either.

cat said...

boy, that new frig got a real workout!!!! I cooked,too (actually J cooked the turkey in the fryer....m-m-m-m awesome). I wish I could have been there (I would have helped clean up!!)

lovemycottagegarden said...

You cooked it all and it was amazing I am sure. I am glad you had a happy day and I did love the snowflakes.

Mrs. Monkey Butt said...

Sounds like you had a good day filled with good food and family. Glad they all minded their manners.

I spent 8 hours on Wednesday making pies and another 5 Thursday doing the relish tray, potatoes, and moving it all to my moms.

Worth every minute of it:D

No Nonsense Girl said...

happy belated thanksgiving!!! :)