Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Six Word Memoir and surprise

6 Word Memoir- About Me
Britni tagged me for this little game. Hers is good, check it out. I have to create a 6 word memoir about myself

' joyfully serving,loving deeply, worrying much '

It wasn't even my Birthday month and yesterday I got two birthday Presents. I am sooooooo excited my sister got me this:--

Breakfast with the Butterflies: Photography from TCU Office of Extended Education
Special Opportunity to see "Butterflies in the Garden" with an Expert! Join local photographer Tom Savage and educator Gail Manning in the beautiful tropical conservatory of the Fort Worth Botanic Garden. Tom will teach a 1-hour session on butterfly photography (with continental breakfast supplied) , then the group will try out his tips in the conservatory. Bring your own camera and materials. Course time from 8am - 10am,

And my sweet father-in- law sent me this card that touched my heart.

Thank you both. What a way to kickoff a great month!!!


Playful Professional said...

I like yours. I'm assuming that means I better start reminding R that your birthday is coming up soon :)

txmommy said...

what fun gifts :)

Did you teach seminary this morning?

I like your 6 words, I did one a little while ago and it was surprisingly hard to do.

Jennie said...

how cool! i love birthday months... or at least those that feel like it! lol!

I have a good life said...

Just a couple more weeks until your birthday! How fun. Oh, and I am planning on taking out JK, but we have both been swamped lately. Maybe next week. What do you think?