Sunday, July 27, 2008

random thoughts on this week

We tried some not so normal for us foods this week Thai mint rice YUMM-Hummus-- w/ the right dippers yumm- Soybeans (which I really do like ( freezer burnt yelch)-and cruchy pita chips - But it was so colorful and fun.

We got to swim 4x this week we went in the evenings Hubby got some laps in--- which is great since he can't do much exercise w/ his bum knee

and I got to loosen up my tight muscles from the push up challenge, thanks L&R

B and I went shopping here on Wednesday and got some Christmas gifts 13 items for an average of about $3

Wednesday night I went to aniother wonderful Seminary teacher training at UTA and on the way home I saw this police car it had pulled over 5-6 kids on bikes??? Can you get a ticket on a bicycle???

More later On Saturdays BIG discovery and then the Party


Dianne said...

The shot of your feet in the water looks soooooooo relaxing.

Maybe the kids weren't wearing helmets?

txmommy said...

the food looks yummy!
the pool looks great! you should come swim while we are here some time :)

I've never seen someone pulled over on bikes.