Sunday, July 06, 2008

Weekend Snapshot

We had a good 4th -- decorated the yard w/ the flags
and went to the church breakfast at the park

I rode my bike there

Z ran there for exercise, he ate, he chatted w/ his uncle and then said-- byee he was headed home

he stopped for a while to talk to the dad of a family he home teaches

it did not surprise me to see he was not headed home yet:) when there are nice girls to chat with

Families decorated bikes for a little bike parade

the kids were so cute

It got a little warm already before we left @10:30

Then we headed to SIL'S house some swam

some birthdayed

and all ate

I hope you had fun on the holiday I will post interesting people from the 4th on my Thursday Thirteen


ScroochChronicles said...

looks like you had a great weekend!! happy 4th of july!!


Greyscale Territory said...

Definitely looks like your weekend was a fun one!

Ladynred said...

looks like you had fun celebration of 4th!
Scrapbooking and Photography

FamiliaKhuletz said...

Great celebration you had for sure!

I got two WS this week, you could check it out at:
Shutter Happenings and Le Kulitszie Familie.

SandyCarlson said...

This is a wonderful sequence. What a beautiful day. A friend recently told me about July 4 bike parades, and now I see one in the works! God bless, Marcia.

Yen said...

What a wonderful photos of blue, red, stripes and stars! Glad you had a fab weekend:) Happy WS!

Carver said...

Great shots of what looks like a very fun weekend.

Anonymous said...

i love how you always post pics of the girls! it always brings a smile to my face. i miss not being about to be around them all the time..

Jeanne said...

wow... a lot of pictures for WS. They are so interesting...:)

Mine is here

Dianne said...

great photos of family and fun!!

julie said...

What fun photos you got there, Marcia :)