Saturday, August 30, 2008

Beautiful-- Brides

Beautiful is the photohunt challenge this week I loved this post I did last year at this time so I re-posted it and this aft when I got home from a great and busy day added some from this past year
Pretty in pink

A fairy tale themed Wedding

Two Italian families unite

My dear friend's DIL

She only has eyes for him

1…. Friends
This picture is so fitting because she is such a bubbly friend:>

2.He's off to War

3.Just weeks ago

4.Second generation friend

She and her brillant fuschia were luminescent

5.She had all 6 sisters in her wedding and made all of our dresses!!-- and she made my dress 11 years later!

6.I wasn't there for this one:< but i wish I was.

7.I was in this one too-- she sparkled and so did the reception.

8.The cake is taller than she is and shes the tallest sister.

9.I got to make my first grooms cake--her colors were bright like her, hot pink and chartreuse:>

10.My daughter was in this one as a flower girl.It was so pretty like the bride.

11.It was so cold this day we drove to Akansas and got iced in and almost missed Christmas:. it was an adventure which fits this adventurous girl

12.This was in Fla it is so warm and pretty there, like her.

13.And my Favorite colors were used for my favorite bride!

My aunt Marsha and guess who the flower girl is?

And this is me:>

No matter the details every bride is BEAUTIFUL


Patsy said...

I loved traveling through time with you --- You are right there is beauty in each bride --- each bride is beautiful! ahhhhhh :)

drop by to see 60 years after being a bride

Anonymous said...

And I agree - specially my bride... I'm biased.
A lot of happiness in your post.

Carver said...

Great shots of the beautiful brides and you were the fairest of them all. Lovely shots.

Mrs Mecomber said...

You are right, every bride is beautiful. Beautiful photos!

I did Photo Hunt today, too. :)

girasoli said...

Cool idea! I love them all!! Glad you added one of you :)

Ellenamo said...

Awww.... maybe someday....

Anonymous said...

and you took the pics at my wedding.. and no pic of me.

Dianne said...

what a fantastic collection of brides

and you were adorable as a flower girl and magnificent as a bride :)

Gabriel said...

Great post! You reminded me of how we would see brides every Friday on our way back from picking up my son Santi at school, back in Argentina. He loved that.

Marie said...

So many beautiful brides!

JO said...

yup, every bride is beautiful!!!

here's mine. Thanks.

SandyCarlson said...

All of these are gorgeous. The pink ribbon is such a pretty accent on that one photo. All the brides are radiant.

PS I love your profile photo.

Catherine said...

You're right BEAUTIFUL, each of them.
I love the pictures of you as a flower girl, so serious concerning the duty, I suppose.